Thursday, February 19, 2009

three weeks and counting

no regrets

still bleeding on and off

did not go back for my follow up appointment today

still telling


  1. i don't mean to be a busybody but i hope you do get the follow-up done! just to be sure the cervix is closed up right and there is no infection and yadda. i can't help but be my clinicky self when someone skips follow-up :(

  2. in the processing of finding a new gyn :) Got a recommendation this AM

  3. oh good. yeah i would like a gyn i felt more comfortable too -- in my case just someone that i felt was listening to me when i talked about my body's symptoms, which you'd think i would be more knowledgeable about than the doctor asking about them, instead of trying to fit them into a predetermined favored narrative/diagnosis... -- but if i had had the interaction you described with my gyn i'd want it even more.


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