Monday, February 2, 2009

quick post from a crazy Monday morning

posted a poll since I'm curious about who is reading the blog

Things are going well. I feel almost 100% healthy again. I did half a cardio work out yesterday but stopped because I started feeling odd little twinges. No cramping or heavier bleeding happened so I think all is good. My biggest problem is remembering to take my antibiotics.

I have a HUGE crazy bruise from the IV. It occurred to me that some readers may be contemplating abortion and may or may not be planning to share the event with those around them, so keep that in mind. You will need to cover you arms.


  1. I started reading the abortion blogs out of interest in the issue, and was inspired by women's experiences to get a job in a clinic-- the most fulfilling I've had. I now have the honor of helping women make tough decisions, whether keeping, adopting out, or terminating, and I get to work to fight the stigma associated with abortion.

  2. I'm a huge proponent of the pro-choice movement, and am considering working in an abortion clinic at some point (as a nurse). I like to hear all sides of the story, and am really enjoying reading about your personal journey.

  3. hi- i guess i'm what you call an "abortion junkie". i've worked in a clinic, on a counseling/education hotline, and as a logistical coordinator of sorts for women who are having a hard time with access to abortion (geographic, financial, etc). i'll admit to being a "junkie" because i *cannot* stop talking about abortion, even at happy hour, even at night with my partner; most of my coworkers have expressed the same tendency.

    and i've always felt that the vast internet has surprisingly little to offer in terms of honest discussion about what abortion and my line of work really is like. it is isolating for professionals like me, and for women who have found or will find themselves in the waiting room at some point. so thank you for this blog. i and some others just began our own, and i hope it's ok that we just added you to our blogroll!


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