Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogging My Abortion

I was pretty shocked when I discovered only three other abortion blogs. Ironically, I learned about my unwanted pregnancy the day after the anniversary of Roe V Wade, so blogging abortion had received a lot of media attention. Still the abortion blogs I did find chronicled the experiences of women in the early stages of pregnancy. What I craved most were the words of a woman like me, in her second trimester undergoing an elective abortion.

As a professor, I see most everything in life as a "teachable moment." While I probably will not share this information with my students (I am un-tenured at a religiously affiliated institution), I hope other readers will learn something from the chronicle of my experience. Oddly enough I hope not only that women facing "the choice" will find it helpful, but that people who wonder "how someone can choose abortion" will also benefit from following my process. THIS IS HOW. READ AND LEARN.

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  1. I'm reading this blog because I'm pro choice and if I had to make this decision I would want to get all the information I could. What better information then to read the blogs of people who have gone through it.


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