Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birth, it is everywhere….

I am so tired these days that I fall asleep by 9PM, usually with the TV still on, and wake up some time in the middle of the night.

Two nights ago I awoke to a TLC special about that Duggar family woman giving birth to her 18th child, followed by a special wedding edition of the show featuring their oldest son, who promised, along with his new bride, to let God decide the number and timing of their children. More power to them. The kids in these huge family seem well mannered and happy, albeit living a worldview that is completely foreign to me.

This morning I awoke to Anderson Cooper reporting on the birth of octuplets at 31 weeks. While the doctors are largely celebratory in their press conference, Anderson reports that of the last set of octuplets, one died shortly after birth.

Neither incident effects me in the least. These are women exercising an extreme choice that I would not pursue, but I would not try to stop them.

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