Friday, November 20, 2009

one more time with feeling

the wonderful dedicated folks over at NARAL have been working over time of late to make sure that access to abortion is not a hypthetical right at best.

Here is their latest update.

Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled the Senate health-care bill last night. Let's get to what this means for women.

First, this bill does not include the Stupak-Pitts language that is in the House version. On Monday, I delivered a petition to Sen. Reid urging him not to include the extreme anti-choice provision. The petition was signed by 97,218 pro-choice Americans like you – thank you for helping make a difference!

Second, the Senate debate is about to begin, and we are not in the clear. Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah is threatening to offer an amendment similar to the Stupak-Pitts abortion-coverage ban.1 This is what we anticipated – and exactly what 97,218 pro-choice Americans stood up against when they signed our petition.

That's why I need you to do one more thing right now: forward the message below to your pro-choice friends and family. If we want the Senate to get the message, we need everyone to take action – and fast.

Don't let this initial piece of good news give you a false sense of security. Please don't wait. Just forward along the message below (or use the handy social networking links under my signature) – and thank you.

so once again, log on to House or Senate and make your VOICE HEARD. If you are among the ONE OUT OF THREE then personalize your appeal.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


to the peeps at the National Council of Catholic Bishops. Yes, the lovely people who decided nevermind the first amendment, they'd like to use their tax exempt organization to dabble in politics. Apparently they have been reading my blog.

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and please know, I am directing EVERYONE I KNOW to write their Representative and Senators to protest the tax exempt status of politically active religious groups.

cake, eating, ring any bells

how about this one Matthew 7:1?

or maybe I have it all wrong, since Cathlolics use birth control and have abortion at rates just about equal to the rates of other religious groups. So if an employee of the NCCB came to the site looking for support, I apologize. Rage on Sister!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

if only

we could all wear them

another one

Another blog about abortion.