Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earn money for abortion from Pro-Life sites

So I signed up for ads on this site, planning to donate the money to my local abortion clinic.

I had to laugh when I saw today that the ad on the site is for pro-life products.

How ironic.

It reminds me of the frequent planned parenthood fundraiser where pro choice advocates pledge a certain amount for every abortion clinic protesters who shows up :)


  1. I was going to do google adsens but after reading the terms and conditions I found that if you don't reach some kind of "threshold" they don't pay you at all. It does not clearly state anywhere what this "threshold" is. My guess is that you have to get an obscene number of clicks to get any payout. But knowing that it could be for pro-life companies anyway, I'm glad I didn't do it!

  2. I will find out tomorrow how far along I am. If I'm in my second trimester, I still intend to go through with it.


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